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Erin McGowen
08 March 2014 @ 08:23 am
Life just kind of took over. 2013 was a really epic year, but it was also very busy. And as much as I adore LJ ... I kinda forget it exists. Oops.

* I bought a house!
* I bought a pug puppy. She is now a year old! Her name is Maggie.
* I flew to LA to the premiere of STID and witnessed the red carpet! (in was NOT a fan of LA. Probably because I was ill.)
* Took a two week trip to Europe. London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Braunschweig. Discovered that you can buy pot and a prostitute, but you have to have a prescription to buy cold medicine. And that sucks when you're sick!
* I am writing again! FINALLY.
* I met Misha Collins.

It was a pretty good year. Right now I am getting over having a severe kidney infection, inflamed lymph nodes in my back, and I've apparently thrown my back out. On top of all of it, I lost my job. It's been a very rough month. Still, I am doing okay! Just a minor setback.

To be honest, Tumblr has taken over my blogging. I'm on there all the time. Twitter is another place to find me constantly. Facebook is too, but I know FB is a private place for many. Still, if you want to add me, you're more than welcome. Just let me know in a comment.

This isn't a goodbye to LJ. I would like to start blogging again, and start putting my writing out there to the proper communities.

Until then, this is where I can be found!

Tumblr: Websterwolf
Twitter: websterwolf

These days I am very much consumed with the anime Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan. Still a big ST and McKirk. Just so you know what you're getting yourself into ;)

Hope everyone is well! Hope to see some of you as followers! Drop a comment. I'd love to hear from you!
Erin McGowen
21 May 2013 @ 12:37 am
So, there was a massive tornado in Oklahoma this afternoon and it happened to be about 2-3 miles from where I live.  My mother was actually caught up in it - her house is fine, but she could hear the roar of the tornado and it shook her house up. Everyone I know and love is fine, but I'm just really disturbed by how close it came.  Had that thing turned even SLIGHTLY more to the west, my house would be gone.  My mother's house would be gone and she would possibly be dead. All the landmarks I knew growing up and all the new and exciting things Moore has been working on for YEARS are gone.  It's just complete and utter devastation down there.

There are just too many stories and too many close calls.  My roommate came home from Moore about ten minutes prior to when shit started going down.  Had she stayed there, even just thirty minutes more, she wouldn't have been able to get home before the tornado hit. There was a 7-11 that she was at THAT MORNING that is no longer there. One of my other good friends picked up her daughter on a whim from school, and that school? Completely destroyed and 25-30 kids were trapped in there and are now dead. 30 little babies gone forever :( My little cousin's school BURNT DOWN after the whole thing.  My uncle picked her up twenty minutes before.  It just fucking scares me how close I came to losing them.

If you are interesting in donating to the Red Cross, please text REDCROSS to 90999.

I'm just really shaken up about the whole thing.  No, it wasn't bad exactly where I was, but the people I love were very much in danger. And I've never really had that happen before.

TL;DR - I'm alive.  My friends and my family are alive and we all have houses.  A bit of damage was done to my uncle's house, but we're all okay.    
Erin McGowen
16 May 2013 @ 10:54 pm
Roomie and I went to LA on Monday.  It was . . .well, it was okay.  I really wasn't that impressed by LA to be very honest with you.  I got to see where the cast signed the cement next to the Chinese Theatre (I was insanely amused DeForest's signature took up the entire thing xD), and I saw the Walk of Fame stars I wanted to see.  We stayed for the premiere, we got to see the cast - we were actually staying at the same hotel as them.  Didn't see them sadly :( Unfortunately, right after the premiere, we had to take a red-eye back to Oklahoma City due to the roomie having a death in the family.  To be honest, I was really glad to get home.  I'll upload pictures later - but right now, my camera is very dead.

Saw Star Trek Into Darkness! I. Am. In. Love. Yes, it has some issues, but I refuse to let something that I have been waiting four years for be ruined by stupid shit. There was only two scenes that had me absolutely livid, and one of them was the mention of Christine Chapel.  Nope, sorry.  Not adding that to my personal canon.  Jim isn't that much of a dick, I'm sorry -___-  I honestly think I'm even more in love with the Jim/Bones ship now than I was in the 2009 movie.  I can't wait for the fanfiction, guys.  I AM SO READY FOR THIS.

Speaking of fanfiction - I'm actually starting work on my "Jim becomes governor of Tarsus after the death of Kodos" fic I started ages ago called 'One Red Thread'.  I can be found here if anyone is interested in it :D I put a new chapter up today.


I got this last week.  Love it so much!!
Erin McGowen
30 April 2013 @ 12:05 pm

Or will be in less than two weeks now.  This happened yesterday.  In fact, it went something like this:

Me: God, I wish we could see the cast up close. Why do we live nowhere?
Jen: Wish we could attend the premiere.
Me: . . . .*gets to googling* We can't attend the premiere, but we can stand on the red carpet and wait for them? You don't have to have a ticket for that.

Then we bought a flight to LA.  And used the tickets we won from esurance to buy tickets to the Fan Sneaks of Into Darkness.

I've never been to LA and even if we don't get to see the boys, I know I'm going to have a blast going.  Not to mention we leave for Europe a week after we get back from LA.  May is going to be a busy, busy month.

But if I get to breathe the same air as Chris Pine? I think I'll be okay :D:D

Erin McGowen
25 April 2013 @ 02:59 am
I promised pictures of the house and of my dog a few days ago.  (Maybe a week? I'm so messed up on time, I haven't a clue.)  Well, I am putting in hardwood floors tomorrow, so I would like to wait until I have that finished to show you my house.  I feel so at home here.  Perhaps it is because I actually own the place, rather than renting. Either way, I feel more at home in this house than I have in years! This is a fantastic thing and I can't wait to share it with you.

To make up for no home pictures, I will show you pictures of my dog, Maggie.  For anyone who may remember, I wrote a story a few years back about a Xyrillian baby named Maggie (Jim Kirk actually 'had' her.  It's complicated xD). I wanted a Trek name for her, but nothing really seemed to fit. Instead, I named her after a character in my personal canon and afterward, found it fit her so well.  Her official name for her registration is Magnolia Elisabeth.

Click here for adorable pug friend!Collapse )
Erin McGowen
18 April 2013 @ 01:50 am
I finally have internet.  After two years of being without it I finally have internet. You guys have no idea how exciting this is for me.  What it means is that I will be on here so much more now that I can update on a regular basis.  I want to start getting back into my blog and meeting with everyone again (and meeting new people of course.)

I'll make a giant post later, but here's the changes that have occurred over the past month and a half:

  • I bought a house.  It's a gorgeous little house - I'll have to show pictures.  Paid for it outright, so no threats of eviction and shit like that.  I feel like a grown up :D

  • I bought a puppy! She's a little pug and her name is Maggie.  Pictures will come soon.

  • I am going to Europe in 35 days.  I am so excited I could literally throw up. (Which also means I will be needing lots and lots and LOTS of Jim/Bones fic to read on my 9 hour plane ride.)

  • There was another point I was going to make, but I'll be damned if I can't remember what it is xD

So there you have it! I'll update in the morning with information and pictures! Night everyone!
Erin McGowen
19 January 2013 @ 04:48 am
Well hello everyone. Sphynxle rediscovered her old account...and well, she misses it, a lot. So i am coming back.

I feel like i am coming home. No more depression from my old blog. Just hopes and dreams of a small time writer and a wanna be nurse :D I love you all and I can't wait to reconnect.

Lemme know how you are!

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Erin McGowen
03 April 2010 @ 08:57 am
Yesterday I asked you to present me with questions to a meme: Without knowing who the characters were, how would *number* react with *number*.  First, here are your people:

1. Tenshi (Original)
2. Osamu (Original)
3. Sara (Original)
4. McCoy (Star Trek)
5. Chapel (Star Trek)
6. Jounouchi (Yu-Gi-Oh)
7. Caleb (Original)
8. Ross (Original)
9 Maggie (OC for Star Trek)
10. Kouji (O)
11. Alex (O)
12. Jamie (O)
13. Jim (Star Trek)
14. Anakin (Star Wars AU)
15. Tani (O)

The Answers Here!Collapse )
Erin McGowen
02 April 2010 @ 07:09 pm
1) Make a list of fifteen characters first, and keep it to yourself for the moment.

2) Ask your f-list to post questions in the comments. For example: "One, nine, and fifteen are chosen by a prophecy to save the world from four. Do they succeed?", "Under what circumstances might five and fourteen fall in love?", "Which character on the list would you most want on your side in a zombie invasion?"

3) After your f-list has stopped asking questions, round them up and answer them using the fifteen characters you selected beforehand, then post them.

Ah :D This excites me.  I hope people ask questions!
Erin McGowen
02 April 2010 @ 04:55 pm
I made the mistake of going through the posts at anon_trek, which I knew better than to do.  I don't care for fandom wank.  I understand the need to vent (which is exactly what I am doing), but doing it in a public forum?  Most of this was more than "It really annoys me when *this* happens", but some of them were rather humiliating.  Authors who were fairly popular were called stuck up and the works they produced "mindless peices of crap".  

This wasn't just one person.  This was a COMMUNITY of people doing this.  One person took a work from a fairly popular Jim/Bones author, and literally ripped the thing to shreds sentence by sentence.  A few latched on to "Switch" and started ranting about how it's only popular because it's "long" and "full of angst and cocktease." and "has no real characterization" (At which point, I blinked and thought "have they even read this story?"  No, they probably haven't.)

People who do this baffle me.  Is everyone going to like every piece of fiction that is ever written?  God no.  I for one don't care for things such as BDSM, dub/non con, and anything along those lines.  There is a handful of parings I don't care for.  And that's all fine and dandy.  I'm sure there are a ton of people out there who hate sappy romances, anything with angst, and a billion of the other things I like to write on occasion.  I personaly don't care for the Spock/Kirk paring.  But I would never dream of going toverizonhorizon  and tearing their story apart simply because of that.  (On that note, she writes amazing fic.  Read it :D *pimps*)

Whatever happened to just pressing backspace?  Why is there a need for "Your story suck, and this is why"?  Constructive criticisms are one thing, but outright flames are another.  I fully admit I went through there to see if I appeared.  I know the story which introduced the character "Maggie" wasn't exactly the most popular in terms of fiction.  I'm kinda surprised it wasn't mentioned.

I think the majority of readers forget one thing: The majority of author's don't write for the fandom.  They don't write for the readers, or to please anyone.  They write for themselves.  It's an exhilarating feeling for me to get a story out of my brain and on to paper.  And I love it when people find that same tale just as fun.  To take a work that someone had worked on, and loved, and poured their hearts into and rip it to shreds is nothing short of heartless.  It shouldn't matter if you don't like it.  No one deserves to have that done to them.  

What are your thoughts?